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Internal and Stair Glass

Quality Glass Balustrades

We also install frameless glass balustrades for your stairs, fixed glass balustrades with spigots or stand off pins that offer an unbroken and elegant facade, and semi-frameless balustrades.

If you prefer the affordable designer look that semi-frameless glass balustrades offer, you’ll be able to choose from powder-coated, stainless steel, or our unique polished anodised posts. This means you can achieve a few different looks for your verandah, deck, staircase or void.

Exterior Glass Balustrades

Not many people think of glass balustrades for decorating their homes. Installing a frameless balustrade around your deck or pool will look stunning and also add an element of safety. Even the hardware of a semi-frameless balustrade won’t interrupt your view or prevent you from enjoying the views of your lovely landscaped yard or the beach from your balcony.

We custom design balustrades, so that you and your family are safe, your view is enhanced and unobstructed, and so that it meets your budget.

Internal Glass Balustrades

Did you know that balustrades make attractive, aesthetically appealing design elements inside the house as well? Replace your old timber balustrades and frame your staircases with glass, and you’ll find there’s more natural light in the area.

The seamless and uninterrupted views of the house from the staircase and the classy appeal of glass make a great talking point. You’ll love to come back to your house when you have a brighter, classier décor of glass balustrades.

High-quality Glass Panels And Hardware

When it comes to glass balustrades, it pays to consider the quality and strength of the panels and installation. We take on the responsibility to provide our customers with only the best Grade A toughened safety glass for our frameless and semi-frameless balustrades. The fittings and hardware that we offer are also the best 2205 duplex or 316 marine grade stainless steel. You can depend on us to provide designs that are meant for modern homes.

If you want to bring glass balustrades into your home décor, there are plenty of ways to do so. We can customise glass balustrade panels for staircases, curved areas, and plenty of other applications. Our only limitations are those imposed by Australian standards, building codes, and engineering limitations.

Glass Balustrade Options

Here are some of our special glass balustrade options, though this is by no means an exhaustive list. You can always talk to us about custom designs.


Balustrade handrails can be slim ‘side mounted’ and running between existing walls or posts. Or they can be ‘top mounted’, top capping rails that sit on the top of the glass panels for a seamless view. Even our smallest top cappings come with engineering documentation and certification.

Fixings And Spigots

We have round or square hardware for frameless balustrades to suit any style, They look great and are of the best quality available.

Glass Panels

Although not yet a requirement in NSW, we use and recommend heat soaked glass for balustrade applications, where possible, most of the glass we install into balustrades is heat soaked, This ensures no future issues with the glass.

The glass panels we offer on our balustrades are all grade A safety glass, so you need have no concerns about safety.

Are you tired of looking at your old balustrades? Give them a new look with our glass balustrades and handrails, or incorporate them into the new home you are building. We test our products thoroughly to make sure they last a lifetime for you to enjoy.

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