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We can design, supply and install the perfect glass pool fencing, glass balcony screens and glass balustrades in frameless and semi frameless designs to suit the look and budget of every home.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Available for both residential and commercial properties, frameless glass pool fencing guarantees style, elegance, and most importantly safety for your pool area.

Semi Frameless Glass Fencing

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing

If you are considering pool fencing consider semi frameless glass fencing. Especially if frameless glass pool fencing is proving to be outside the budget.

Glass Balcony Fencing - Glass Fencing Supplies Sydney

Glass Balcony Fencing

While traditional balcony fences are functional and elegant, we love glass barriers. There is something stylish and luxurious about glass if you want to keep the view from the balcony unrestricted.

Glass Stair Balustrades - Glass Fencing Sydney

Glass Stair Balustrades

We also install frameless glass balustrades for your stairs, fixed glass balustrades with spigots or stand off pins that offer an unbroken and elegant facade, and semi-frameless balustrades.


Glass Fence Supplies creates high-quality glass pool fences, glass balcony screens and glass balustrades to suit every budget. With the added ambience and aesthetics that our fencing adds to your pool area and your property, we know you will be happy with the long-term value of our glass fence installation.

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