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Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Do you have an in-ground pool?

If you are considering pool fencing consider semi frameless glass fencing. Especially if frameless glass pool fencing is proving to be outside the budget.

Clear, brilliant glass fencing around the pool will improve the appearance of both your pool area and the rest of your home.

Benefits Of Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing offers all the benefits associated with clear glass enclosure. But compared to frameless glass fencing it:

  • Provides extra structural support via the stylish balustrade posts. We know some customers like the extra assurance that semi-frameless glass fencing offers.
  • Is cost effective. Semi-frameless glass is around 30% more cost efficient. We install the semi-frameless fencing from $280 per lineal meter.

Semi-Frameless Combines Security and Style

This kind of glass pool fencing combines security and style. Thus, they are suitable for situations where frameless is outside the budget. Semi-frameless glass fences will still help you achieve a sleek modern appearance.

People are different and have different budgets. You need not break the bank to get the style you need.

When building semi-frameless fences, we use 10mm primed, toughened glass that meets Australian Standards.

Semi frameless glass fencing showcases your pool zone. It is both secure and elegant.

With the semi-frameless fencing, your pool will look like it has almost no fencing around it. And you will still have a fantastic view from the pool zone whenever you are spending your time outdoors. You will get a dazzling, unencumbered view around the pool and from the pool area through the glass.

Imagine how the appearance of your pool area will change after installing the semi-frameless glass fencing. What’s more, the fencing will help increase the value of your property.

We are always eager to help with the design, installation and certification of your frameless glass pool fence. Glass Fence Supplies has a qualified team of installers who, together with the owner, Mark Lloyd, are always on standby to guide you through the process.

Customised For You

Our experts at Glass Fence Supplies will ensure you receive the right products for your pool fencing.

The Right Choice

Glass Fence Supplies creates high-quality glass pool fences, which are excellent value for money. With the added ambience and aesthetics that our fencing adds to your pool area and your property, we know you will be happy with the long-term value of your semi-frameless pool fence installation.

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